Grace, Grass and Towels #2

May 2009

We started volunteering at the Ark, a no-kill animal shelter. It’s a way for me to feel helpful while feeling helpless. We play with the kittens and cats, clean their stations, and feed them as necessary. One Siamese arrived with tangled fur; he was now shaved except for a pom-pom tail and a fluffy “beard” around his face.

Driving to the Ark on our first Saturday mission, my daughter mentioned the Barbie castle that we gave about a year ago to the Ark’s donation store. We had also donated a log cabin playhouse.

Log cabin playhouse

Log cabin playhouse.

As we toured the Ark’s facility with an experienced volunteer, we saw the log cabin sitting in an enclosed outside space for cats. The volunteer told us it had been in one of the kitten rooms as a playhouse until their claws had damaged the wood. It now provided a shady rest for the cats. It warmed our hearts to see it being used, and we remembered how Leila and Frito had played in it.

The next day, we went swimming, but the multitudes and heat replaced the fun with stress. My daughter came home with a freckle breakout. She looked up lemon juice online as a remedy (prompted from watching the Anne of Green Gables series) and was so happy it worked!

We are starting school tomorrow. I have homeschooled my daughter since kindergarten. My plan was to homeschool through third grade. Third grade slipped into fourth, and fifth, and here we are, starting her seventh year.

Readers, have you ever had something sour help you heal? Share your experience, your favorite use of lemons, or your proven remedy for freckles using the comments section of this blog.

Raspberry lemon squares

Raspberry lemon squares.

Here’s a sweet use for lemons: for a family favorite lemon square recipe, I use the Krusteaz® recipe for Amazing Lemon Cheesecake Bars. I replace the water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, and add some lemon zest. Meyer lemons add an extra flavor punch.