Grace Grass and Towels #3


House front.

June 2009

We spent another golden day at the pool with the blistering sun and sun-blocked friends. Prickly is a good word to describe a relationship with unresolved issues. It makes me think of a pickle—sweet and sour in a crunch. When we signed our contract, our builder mentioned 150 days for the project. It’s been ten days with no activity. Does that mean 160 days or 140 days until the project is complete? I’ve packed away our house items, and hurried up to wait.

Did lots of school today—pool closed for thunder; got to swim 15 minutes. This evening, a pillow fight erupted. My daughter scratched her Dad’s arm and is now giving him first aid using a Barbie bandage. “I’ll tell this to the grandkids,” she said.


House back.

My faith is low today. Cool breezes in this ‘Bama summer make for a much emptier public swimming pool. We researched our builder with several references, and observed a neighbor’s house project they did. We expect the builder to have other projects; we’re learning the team’s primary focus is a house in a multi-million dollar subdivision. We have not heard from him since we signed the contract. Prickly.