Grace, Grass and Towels #6

June 2009

Today, surrounded by deep trenches and cats too scared to eat, I rested. Amidst the morning’s fresh breeze, with every worker safe, I saw Tortilla tenderly licking Frito’s head, and listened to birds singing despite their surroundings.

backhoe tire

Tired tire.

Hope is born/bw

Hope is born.

As I surfed online, the news told me Ellis Island, offering 354 steps to freedom, re-opened today after closing because of 9/11. I also read in fascination about recycling a section of elevated rail tracks in New York City into The High Line.

Hope lingered in my soul as I read about the newly restored art murals by Brazilian artist Carybé at the Miami International Airport (FL).

An informal chat between strangers started a restoration and relocation of two six-ton murals—Discovery and Settlement of the West and Rejoicing and Festivals of the Americas—from an American Airlines terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport (NY) to Miami International Airport’s South Terminal. The murals had to be moved with the concrete attached to save the artwork.

concrete in dumpster

Concrete painted with Alabama soil.

The colors from the art photographs glowed on the screen. I splurged and printed out the murals in color for my journal.

As I write this, a storm moves through with a thunder of rain. Then, here is the sun, creating glisten and sparkle; shifting the clouds to the back row of Sky Theatre.

outside front door

The view outside my front door.