Grace, Grass and Towels #8

June 2009

garage frame

Framing for garage extension.

I ran outside because our treadmill motor broke; sprinted through a cooling sprinkler near the end. Racing online, my husband creamed my car—it crashed and spun—then he looked at our home’s inside thermostat, reading 85 degrees. The air conditioner compressor failed, husband angry; we both melted.

With the concrete hardened, workers rough framed the front garage extension and back room. All day, I heard a high-pitched yakking from the radio combined with an occasional smash, bang from the workers’ tools. Our daughter surprised us, pleading to sign up for a local golf clinic. Escape from this house mess, no doubt.

What to do when I’m angry, sweaty and walking towards the Celestial City? Still no air conditioning, every move is a drip and the workers parked their vehicles in our back yard. Our back yard is not a parking lot!

I searched the word “anger” on With 268 results in the New International Version, I chose Nahum 1:3 and Mark 3:5. Two results showed for the word “sweat”: Genesis 3:19 and Luke 22:44.

frame new room

Framing the back room leaves no space for a parking lot.