Grace, Grass and Towels #13

July 2009

We moved furniture as lightning danced outside in a drenching curtain of rain. We covered and packed our kitchen table, chairs and couch; and moved the television to the master bedroom for the first time in our lives. The black box lost some of its appeal as it joined dozens of cardboard cousins. This morning, I ripped out more bushes since the rain softened the earth; amazed at the greenery created with shallow roots.

vinyl door

Casa de Rogers.

My husband and daughter installed a temporary folding door across the end of our hallway to create some privacy and a confined space for our three cats. My daughter hung a sign on her door: Welcome to Motel Cozy Cone. She named a common fly Bob and refused to swat it. We watched neighbors’ leftover fireworks from our new back window.


A home improvement company delivered a door for the new room, French doors for the dining area, and one window.

My daughter weighed in on the comedy side:
Frito=Luke Pawwalker
Leila=Darth Hairball or Hissy Fett
Tortilla=Pawme Amidala

Cats broke through the vinyl door almost as soon as we installed it. Last night, all kitties contained inside!

Motel Cozy Cone

Motel Cozy Cone: Tortilla checks in.