Grace, Grass and Towels #19

July 2009

existing pantry

Original pantry.

I had to keep asking myself what day it was today. Workers took down the kitchen pantry; we are planning to create a larger pantry in the existing laundry space. A fine film of dust blanketed our kitchen cabinets, microwave, oven and counters.

I can’t see the end to this project. I keep hearing it’s about the journey, but I suspect that’s a gracious way of saying I need patience. I don’t know of construction goals set daily, and often our goals don’t blend with the builder, contractors, or even our pets.

But each day one more piece connects to the puzzle, just a different one than I would choose or expect; or so I tell myself, attempting to adjust to this new norm: lack of control.

I wrote several letters, experiencing December holiday cheer. Rather other worldly, but that fits the memories of the United States’ first moon landing, July 20, 1969.

pantry gone

More space for counter and cabinets.


I experienced an odd meeting with electric contractors and builder yesterday. I did not feel respected and didn’t share their agenda, and wondered why I even bothered to connect. They spent much time on code details to pass inspection; I spent much time on location details for lights and outlets. Just felt slam-dunked.

Electric workers here today accidentally shut off our refrigerator. My daughter ventured out to the kitchen for a snack and discovered it. Then, after they left, we discovered our garage freezer disconnected. Some ice remained, so we think the electricity wasn’t off for very long.

A package delivered today contained Woot-Off revolving lights. We set them up on the freezer as a check for the workers to make sure the electricity is on!

My daughter rode home from a friend’s house in a convertible—freezing, in mid-July Alabama! My prayer group sat a mile in my dusty chairs. Devoured vegetarian red beans and rice, with smoky, slow-cooked flavor; finished with pecan pie, homemade with leaf pastry cutouts decorating the crust edge.

feeding 5000/bw

The Lion of the tribe of Judah feeds his flock.