Grace, Grass and Towels #21

August 2009

Exhaustion ruled my journal scribbling today.


Sang Great is Thy Faithfulness today, giving thanks in all things. I cracked my foot on a loose marble tile at the mall; ouch! Prayed with the builder’s son twice—he lost money. Inspection today. My daughter stuffed a Build-A-Bear® and named it Graham Cracker; put it together with two other Build-A-Bears®—Cocoa (chocolate fluff) and Sweet Tart (cream fluff)—and we made a s’more.


Finished El carpentiro cartoon today. Quiet but icky sticky hot outside. Nerves sizzle as nothing done today; don’t even know if we passed inspection.

kitchen beam

Plank or speck of sawdust? Looking at the beam that created inspection delay reminds me of Luke 6:41.


Learned that we didn’t pass the rough inspection—builder must strengthen and replace the beam supporting the roof between kitchen and living area. Builder threw a fit, then disappeared.

Splashed through a staycation adventure at a local water park with husband and daughter. Played 18 holes of putt-putt while slurping melting milkshakes. Sitting on a bench made from a Ferris Wheel bucket, we watched our daughter swing ‘round and ‘round on a carousel. Then we went to renew our Alabama car license plates. No more stars fell—just sweet home—who makes these decisions?!