Grace, Grass and Towels #24

paint choices


August 2009

I prayed for color in our prayer group today. Daughter bought a vet Barbie™. This morning, inspector signed off on kitchen beam and other details that delayed the project countless days. Drywall delivered by a four-man team this afternoon.


drywall installed

Drywall wraps bare studs in a chalky package.

Our house passed inspection, but Taco Bell®? Not today—ordered cheesy bean and rice; asked for no fiesta sauce but we got fiesta-ed! Weather is windy cool—I am a frozen popsicle living in ’Bama land. Daughter and friends asked for sleepover in camping tent. They begged us with Graham Cracker and Brownie bears. We folded. With the inspection over, my mind sorted through other worries. At 3:00 a.m. last night, I reviewed my daughter’s essay on how to plant a garden.

Came home from windy nine holes and just knew it was Garage Day. So we did it. What did we do? We moved everything—screws, toys, shelves, bikes, tools, nails—in our garage north about 12 feet so workers can create a laundry/exercise room off our kitchen. Husband juggled three empty 16-ounce water bottles to relieve stress.

During the chaos, garage freezer blitzed off. Moving it didn’t help—unplug, plug—nothing. Re-visited our favorite home improvement store—frost-free, but no delivery until next day. The old freezer hummed happily as we walked into our garage. Blessed that it wasn’t off long and food safe; but following through with our purchase of a frost-free model.

paint choices

Public spaces: Gleaming Tan (arrow right) with Ultra White trim. Private spaces: Pawnee (not shown) with Ultra White trim.