Grace, Grass and Towels #27

September 2009

Frito meatloaf

Frito rests.

“This sure is a Jesus day,” my daughter exclaimed, remarking on the blessings we’ve experienced. She found cardigans for school at Wal-mart but I bought fruit and discovered mold; returned it to a service clerk named Carolyn. We bought what the workers call the “Cadillac” of water heaters at Lowe’s. Jalapeno mishap: no water in kitchen to wash hands; forgetting, I delivered a capsaicin rub to my eyes.

I grabbed the goat’s milk we bought for the baby bunnies to dissolve some of the burn. Eyes remain puffy red tonight. Kitties shut in office; hate it—blessings overflow; love it.

Plumbers Extraordinaire: three-man team stayed until late last night getting cold water flowing. Inspection scheduled. Water softener installation dilemma: do we drain into garage washtub or drain to side of house? Argue, discuss, argue; meanwhile, someone plugged in the softener, which then flooded the garage. No inspection.

I ventured out to wash clothes in the one persistently dependable laundry hookup and heard hissing in the wall. Surely not Leila! I discovered an outside spigot leak. The damage continued: workers made a hole in the shower wall in the master bath, then left. I repeatedly requested a plastic covering for the hole. I finally decided to drive to the laundromat but Plumbers Extraordinaire stopped me with this reassurance:

“It’s not going to mold … We’re just a phone call away.”

I took out my frustrations by smashing potatoes with a wooden spoon because my professional masher remains packed. I ruined the spoon; but not the potatoes.

Today’s plumbing slogan: “We make sure water goes everywhere … but the kitchen sink.”


Bloomin’ Gerbera daisies.