Grace, Grass and Towels #30

October 2009

new room storage

New room becomes a very large storage bin.

We’re all barely functioning: allergies, poison ivy and colds.

I ordered blinds for the windows in the new room and front entry. I decided on a dark brown, content to find a place for the tone I nixed as inside house trim.

The service man for the blinds said, “I’ll add half an inch because they always take off a half-inch.”

front walkway

The beginnings of our front patio. The white gravel could pass for a dusting of snow.

Of course, they didn’t take any part of an inch off. Now we have a sheet hanging over the front window until the new blind arrives.

I washed work clothes and planted purple columbine. I’m exhausted. I picked up a note off the floor that said, “eat the scroll.” It must have come from one of my study books. It reminded me of the many times I’ve gained strength from His word.

God bless my husband’s home heart: he installed all the new blinds.

Readers: Use 3D glasses to view these drawings on the new room cement slab.