Grace, Grass and Towels #32

November 2009

Williamsburg carriage

Turning back the clock.

This first day of November, driving through heavy rain on I-64 towards Charlottesville, Virginia, I gain two hours: one from turning back the clock off Daylight Savings time and one from traveling from Eastern time to Central time.

Williamsburg: work on house

Build, repair: the cycle engulfs us.

Every morning this past week, I ran through 18th century Williamsburg, awash in a forest of orange, gold and green.

We savored pancakes; saw a shopping lift sting at an outlet mall, with recovered stolen goods laid out in the parking lot; took two carriage rides; watched the cooper bend wood, and black smith bend metal; and explored the king’s maze garden. I bought apple mint at the Colonial Garden Nursery to remember our journey as I wander through my herb garden maze.

Assateague ponies grazing.

Yesterday, nature gave us an Assateague Island Saturday Special with wild ponies chewing salty marsh grass, deer bounding through the wet marsh and endangered squirrels gobbling nuts.

The rain today encouraged a cloud of dread descending—thinking no work done at our house when we were gone. It’s hard to drive back to the wreck. For a week, I’ve pretended I live somewhere else, except when I noticed the bullnose tile in the hotel hot tub.