Grace, Grass and Towels #33

November 2009

bird feeder

I can only see a crack of light in the tunnel called today. Darkly disappointed to return to a house with nothing done while we were gone. Stumbled through this week—broke down crying while lifting free weights. Daughter brought in Brownie, our cutest Build-a-Bear®, for a hug.

We had to shut kitties in daughter’s room on Wednesday. I was afraid they’d destroy her room because they’d think we were leaving, again. No destruction—answer to prayer.




On our morning run, daughter spied a black and white kitty, then later, a black kitty. The kitties acted like travel buddies. She petted them while I ran around the block. The kitty interaction inspired an idea for a six-panel cartoon for the builder’s son—healing scars on my heart.

A flock of birds landed in the trees and all three kitties huddled at the window, ready to pounce. Frito crept, crackling, over the plastic bags to the window sill. I could hear the entire flock chirping. The fall colors seem gray dull—perhaps I’m comparing them to Williamsburg.

Thank you, Lord, for filling my life with a flock of good things.

angel guard