Daniel: Lifted Up

Jerusalem rebuild

“Squares and moat.” sketch:9:29:2013.

As Daniel continued praying, an angel assured him of God’s love, and gave him understanding. The angel took a slice of the prophecy in Daniel 8:14 and explained Christ’s life on earth—yes, God would restore Jerusalem, and a Messiah would redeem sinful man.

Was Jesus the Messiah? Despite the details given to us through Daniel, many still ask that question.

The Trinity left no doubt as Jesus rose, baptized, from the river Jordan. “Who do you say that I am?” asked Jesus of his disciples. Peter assured Jesus of his belief; yet turned horrified from the truth of Jesus’ purpose on earth.

Surrounded by Pharisees, Jesus crafted a question they refused to answer—because the answer acknowledged who He was. Surrounded by soldiers, Christ told a disciple to put away his sword. “I could save myself,” he explained, “but I must fulfill Scripture.”

Christ called those who demanded a sign evil and faithless. Foretelling events before his second coming, Christ told of false messiahs who would do great miracles. Watching Christ die on the cross, onlookers demanded a great miracle, equating deliverance from suffering with God’s approval, and promising to believe if Christ followed their bidding.

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” (John 12:32 KJV)

Christ knew who He was. Speaking to Greeks about his purpose, and feeling troubled, he questioned: “Should I pray to save myself? No, I came to die! Father, bring glory to your name.” With his sacrifice on the cross looming, he washed Peter’s feet. Finishing this servant’s task, our Lord and Teacher asked his disciples to wash each other’s feet in the same humble spirit.

Lifted up

Lifted up. sketch:9:29:2013.

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