Grace, Grass and Towels #37

November 2009
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

practice golf


A chilly wind for the early morning HELPline Turkey Trot 5k pushed my limits. Husband and daughter inspired for next year. Battled a deeper, uphill, downhill chill on Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail/Hampton Cove Short Course. I envisioned Scotland. Eighteen holes—I whined and folded on hole 13—skipped a hole and back in the game.

kitchen floor


Came home and figured out why our Christmas reindeer lit up during the day. Workers had used the outdoor plug and faucet where the lights connected. The faucet cover and automatic timer lay discarded in the grass. They had plugged the lights in, but without the timer.

Kitties raced around the fireplace, fascinated by birds flying close to the French doors. Moved entry furniture and now—finally—we rest.

accion de gracias