Grace, Grass and Towels #39

December 2009

vida eternal in sand

Vida eternal: John 3:16.

As a single guy, my husband built a bookshelf with wide shelves to hold his treasured books. He stained it but never varnished it. I applied two coats of clear polyurethane—a collaborative effort, thirty years apart. Brickers hauled their scaffolds and supplies away but not the pile of sand. So I wrote another message. Kitchen counter worker came with a small child who immediately terrified all three cats.


Many promises—no counter. My daughter and I froze in a cutting north wind as we chose a Christmas tree. We decorated it in our fire pit area behind our house. I wrote iluvias de bendicion on our front porch for the brickers washing the new brick.

showers of blessing

Showers of blessing.


Strange happenings outside our house while husband travelling to Texas. Early this morning, I saw a bright explosion and heard a crackle pop underneath one of our back windows. Rainy, misty weather—saw no movement.

3:50 a.m.
Yellow-white light exploded in the same area. Again, misty fog, no movement. Took photos about 7:05 a.m. Gas from dead animal?

3:50 a.m.
Six pops like firecrackers awakened me from sleeping on stakeout in the new room.

3:00 a.m. to 4:10 a.m.
Nothing. Clear, cold night.

Electrician found loose electric wire in the new room that was causing the weird, scary light displays and noises on the misty nights.

first fire in fireplace

First fire.