Grace, Grass and Towels #40

December 2009

tinsel concrete

Christmas tinsel outlines front concrete patio.

Only two days until Christmas. I ate raspberries and added some to fudge brownies—yum. Front and back patio concrete poured today, with rain forecast!


Left Christmas lights on all night. Very windy today. Woke up early and saw the Christmas tree leaning—rescued by tightening the screws in the holder. Because of the rain, workers attempted to dry the concrete with a huge air blower. Also brushed the concrete to prevent pitting and covered with Tyvek®.

Kitchen a sob job—as in, client sobbing. Quartz counters scratched; cut outs for electric jagged; curve for bar overhang rough; plumbing not. Dishwasher copper hook-up dented; main plumbing line for the sink faucet merely nested into a larger pipe under the sink—no threads; no fit! But the water still flows.

Quartz counter hole for kitchen sink too big—undermount sink visible all around sink hole. No electricity in the new room. Front and back patio “walkable” on Christmas? But what will blow in with the wind today?

Christmas Eve, Friday

Braving future construction dust storms, I hung Hawaii art painted by my grandmother from a 1969 visit; a quilt rack to display our double wedding ring quilt; a coat rack purchased in a Niles, California antique shop; and stained glass art—a refinished window and a chile pepper design. Amidst the howls and whispers of an outside wind, I sat near a crackling fireplace with a meat-loafed kitty, but no chestnuts.