Grace, Grass and Towels #41

December 2009
Christmas Day

Very early, but no sign of daughter inspecting packages. Put a log on the fire. No daughter yet. Trees and Christmas lights survived windstorm. Don’t know if I did. Stretching out the construction project uglies—plumbing job unbelievable; grab the money and run, but they ate my home-baked cookies! Praying workers won’t have to make a hole in the ceiling for electricity in the new room.

Fascinated that both stained glass art pieces reflect on the wall—possibly because of the increased angles of sunlight through the windows and kitchen French doors. An unexpected visual Christmas gift, since I chose not to hang the art directly in front of a window.

Five a.m., daughter appeared. Santa report: He ate every last crumb! Santa with hat, created by daughter for a Christmas electronic signoff:
(capital ‘O’)(less than)(left parentheses)(colon)(small ‘o’)(right parentheses)
Daughter returned to bed! Where is my daughter?! This project changed all of us.

baby Jesus

Baby Jesus/color.