Grace, Grass and Towels #44

February 2010

trash pile

Moving mountains.

Today, foggy and dreary met sloppy and incomplete: dumpster bill not paid; hope that our fears of final inspection prove meaningless; roof dripped water without gutters; found mortar for brick repair; soffits don’t meet roof edge on new room addition. Yesterday’s snow swirled a soothing spirit to caress a winter’s heart.


Exhaustion set in preparing for final inspection—shoveled mountains of dirt and moved one ton of stone—heavy, muddy work to guarantee proper drainage. Bonita veins of yellow, red and brown running through some stones; others like concrete chunks. As I worked, a new landscape company formed in my mind: Jehovah Jireh Landscaping. He always answers. No job too small; no middle man. Pre-paid work. Been in the landscape business for eons. International company.

Dumpster and Porta-Jon™ gone. Our goodbye wahoo’s echoed ‘round the circle. The take-away truck gouged deep tracks in our sod. Sang Blanco Navidad as I wheeled four scoops of frozen hardwood mulch into flower beds—determined to find a reason to use the snow shovel.