Grace, Grass and Towels #46


This construction project changed me in the mess, and continues to influence me on return visits. For example, several months after the final inspection, the mismatched pipes under the kitchen sink created a small disaster. As I called a licensed plumber, my emotions and memories returned to the discomfort of the day-to-day construction chaos. Didn’t like parts of it—glad it’s over—but some experiences have moved me toward confidence:

  • The open concept and abundant light encourages me to share my house with others.
  • Scripture is life. I searched the Scriptures daily, and found energy when I felt none.
  • Living in the chaos, I craved color. I’m thankful God created this world in color—peaceful greens, soothing blues, fiery reds, and sparkling yellows.
  • Our cats still run when they hear heavy footsteps on our wood floors.
ten lepers/color


To express our thanks, we held two open houses for neighbors and friends connected with the project. I realized a change in my values when my daughter started a small vegetable garden on the south side of our house. I saw the beauty of a sprawling, twisted vine when we tasted our first ripe watermelon!


First fruit.

A snowstorm surprised us Christmas morning, 2010—a rarity for North Alabama. I finally experienced home as we sat in the new room watching snowflakes dance toward Earth.