How Great Thou Art: Sustained

lenten rose

Splendor revealed.

How Great Thou Art has always been a special song to me. I learned the melody and words singing in my school’s first grade choir. I still use the original sheet music (sent home with us to help us learn the song) to play the song on my electric keyboard. God has used this song in various moments to encourage me.

This winter, I wrote new lyrics to a few songs. Searching for the words to fit the melody—the meter of a poem—made for a challenging brain-stretch. I continue to favor the original lyrics, but hopefully these new verses also inspire praise to our Creator.

Shine Like the Stars
(How Great Thou Art)

A thousand hills, the earth to rest His feet,
stars stretch across His Sovereign domain.
Splendor revealed, His voice sustained in thunder,
Creator God, despised for such as I.

Words: Carolyn Rogers 2013.
Original: How Great Thou Art/Stuart K. Hine/Swedish folk song
Complete lyrics by Carolyn Rogers 2013.