How Great Thou Art: Promised

blue cherry

Shouting hosannas!

Shine Like the Stars
(How Great Thou Art)

A thousand hills, the earth to rest His feet,
stars stretch across His Sovereign domain.
Splendor revealed, His voice sustained in thunder,
Creator God, despised for such as I.

Shine like the stars, reflecting righteousness;
refined by fire, fishers of men.
Shine like the stars, reflecting righteousness;
anchored in hope, beloved of God.

Searching for me,
unfailing, gentle Healer,
he set my feet upon the solid ground.
His grace abounds; the cross—forgiveness purchased,
I’ll spread good news, astounded by His love.

Forsaking all, redemption’s promised treasure
opened His arms to save our fallen world.
Returning King, creation shouts hosannas!
Eternity with Yahweh Immanuel.

Words: Carolyn Rogers 2013.
Original: How Great Thou Art/Stuart K. Hine/Swedish folk song