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Grace, Grass and Towels #44

February 2010

trash pile

Moving mountains.

Today, foggy and dreary met sloppy and incomplete: dumpster bill not paid; hope that our fears of final inspection prove meaningless; roof dripped water without gutters; found mortar for brick repair; soffits don’t meet roof edge on new room addition. Yesterday’s snow swirled a soothing spirit to caress a winter’s heart.

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Grace, Grass and Towels #23

August 2009

front rock pile

Our mansion, just over the hilltop: shelter, clean laundry, microwaved meals and rooms with a view.

Another week tumbling along the rock slide of life. Tossed warm laundry in the green chair but kitties refused to snuggle. We played nine holes this morning; then watched Y.E. Yang win the 91st PGA Championship at Hazeltine National Golf Club.

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Sowing Seeds: A Neighborhood Story

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Grace, Grass and Towels #5

June 2009

Fireplace, crumbled

Fireplace, crumbled.

The prep work began today with workers smashing the outside back of the fireplace with sledge hammers. Frito hid in a tunnel, Tortilla hid under my desk and brave Leila watched at the window. I’m wearing a neck brace as a result of my slow smarts on stump removal.


This day left kitties and humans scared and off their feed. The side garage door is now the only entrance/exit to the house that once was.

Prep for new room

Prep for new room in back.

Workers dug through our yard with a backhoe to add pilings for the new construction. They discovered the cement outside our front door floated over an empty cavity caused by erosion. How long have we been walking on air?

Years ago, when moving boxes filled our rooms, I opened the side garage door and barely avoided stepping on a hefty black rat snake sunning itself on the cement.

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Grace, Grass and Towels #4

June 2009

I raced through snow in a Porsche today with my husband, playing Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. He won. I crashed.

The builder called; telling us the permit is issued and concrete would be poured tomorrow or the next day. How can this be when no prep work is done?

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